Message from Chairman

Dear all,
It is my pleasure to welcome you to our Institute, Bishwa Bhasha Adhyan Kendra & Consultancy. Here we value every individual for the contribution they make to the life of the institute and make every effort to assist them in reaching our educational goals.

So if you are experiencing difficulties with your dream to study abroad, fee confused or isolated. We are here to solve your problems. My years of experience in this field of educational sector has helped me to stand as eminent person. I am proud to be the Chairman. In this challenging job, I am able to achieve high visa successful result. I am enormously proud to boast an excellent international reputation as well as being a leader in research and academic innovation. I have been engaged in several institutions and gained years of experiences in the education sector.

We not only help students with initial processing up until visa decisions, we also assist with your travel arrangements and overseas accommodation. We really do help you and support you. all the way! Having classes from professional instructors, students test results have always supported successful documentation for their scholarships and favorable visa decisions.

Thank you
Harihar Karki
Japanese & Chinese Language Teacher